Krystal's Creations make us feel young at heart. From her unique character designs to her brightly colored sunset paintings, her art brings us to a happy place. Krystal Dyer is a San Diego artist, originally from Medford, New Jersey. Creating since birth, her parents put her in private art lessons at a young age to help guide her to be the diverse artist she is today. Krystal lost her Mother to cancer when she was just 17, a Junior in High School. This life shattering experience pushed her to create more than she ever had before. Art became her outlet, and there was no limit with her creations. Graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation, Krystal began to shape her career working at companies such as Nickelodeon, Splitertek/Lockheed Martin, Think Up Toy Designs, and Costello Prep Academy. One day, her Dad noticed her smile start to vanish, he suggested she apply for jobs in California. She lined up interviews and landed 2 jobs, choosing the job in San Diego, Krystal made the big move 3,000 miles across the country with just 2 bags and a her cat, prepared to start a new life.

Shortly after her arrival to sunny San Diego, she got some stressful news. The job she had moved to San Diego for, fell through, 300 people were being laid off and she was one of them. Feeling defeated she went to a local bar to listen to some live music and try to figure everything out. While the band played, Krystal released her stress and fear the only way she knew how, by doodling. During the bands break, the lead singer approached her table and pointed out that her hand was moving to the beat of their music. He invited her to return the following week with an easel, canvas, and paints, to create on stage for everyone to see. Never hearing of such a thing, but eager to remain open minded, Krystal took him up on his offer and sold a painting, her first night of creating with the band. Little did she know that this one night would spin her into a life she never knew existed.

Living in San Diego for 7 years now, Krystal is proud to say that she has continued being a diverse artist. She has created her own business called Krystal's Creations where she paints live for various bands all over California and dabbles in freelance and commissioned work. When Krystal creates live on stage, she has no idea what's going to come of it. Unlike most live artists, there is no planning or pre-sketching with Krystal, she listens to the music, follows the vibe, and creates on the spot, solely on her experience in that moment. In 2013, Krystal lost her Father, which once again left her completely rattled, angry and confused. She found joy in volunteering at a local art studio to do art therapy with children dealing with loss. This fueled her to take another path in her world and became an after school art teach for the Solana Beach/Delmar School District. Krystal also teaches group painting classes to adults and kids and does graphic design work for Last Call Advertising and Randall's Sandals. During the daytime, Krystal is an Art Curriculum Development Specialist at The Rainforest Art Project where she also does animation for kids instructional art videos. You may think this is all too much for one person but she loves to keep busy. Krystal's Creations are known to make people smile, and taking their stress away. She is aiming to open her own art studio to share her talent and help others rid their worries in a positive, beautiful way.

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