Katie Hermosura is a self taught artist since the age of 5. Her only 2 classes she's ever taken in art were in high school, hoping she could refine her skills.

Her style of art isn't to stick to just one. She likes to be diverse in art because it keeps the ideas fresh and constant, more to be motivated from, and more to learn from. She ranges from simple graphite to paint to ink to graphic design and more!

She has been able to teach art in local elementary schools. Her recent work has been more client based. Businesses and companies have hired her to do private office murals, company logos, work campaigns, clothing lines, etc. Private clients have also asked things such as gifts for their loved ones or tattoos for themselves. She does not stop at anything until the client is beyond satisfied with their vision.

"I create art to help those who can't do it themselves. I take joy into seeing others smile of seeing their vision come to life, and at the end of the day, money or not, I'm just glad I could help someone out."

Instagram: @hermosauras
Inquiries: kthermosura@gmail.com