George Utrilla, aka The Random Artist, is a freelance artist, photographer and videographer
based in Petaluma.

In 1983, when in first grade, Utrilla found a love for the arts. As soon as he could hold a crayon he inspired by colors and shapes. By the time he reached high school he found his calling in life, Art. In 1996 he graduated and realized that, for him, college would not be beneficial.
He needed to experience life, and continue his artistic pursuits.

Utrilla's inspiration comes from experiences, situations, emotions, current events and state of mind. He works in a variety of styles; including abstracts, landscapes, surrealism,
portraits, cartoons, political humor and blacklight art.

Utrilla frequently goes short on sleep, losing track of everything except the creation emerging under his brush. A marathon painting session can last from evening until the crack of dawn. Seven years ago he discovered the pleasure and excitement of Live Art. He feels a very real connection that occurs between him and an audience. A connection that transforms the frequently solitary world of an artist into an experience that is improvisational, humorous and interactive. Live Art events are where he can experiment with new techniques, styles and surfaces. This new found love of live art has given him the opportunity to work with artists such as: Cypress Hill, Michael Franti, Bone Thug & Harmony, Slightly Stoopid, Janelle Monáe, Red Man & Method, J Boog, Zion I, E-40, Warren G. Starting this August Utrilla will be Live Painting at football games for the Oakland Raiders.

Random Art Studio
George Utrilla
Petaluma, CA
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