Born in Houston, TX in 1982, Chris always felt unique.Through meditative analysis and by practicing self control, he learned to channel his energy directly into the artwork he creates. Often the energy of the atmosphere and those around him affect his art the most. Chris uses painting as a form of meditation that creates a physical manifestation of his conscious and subconscious thoughts. He has used this ability to create a seamless entertainment experience during live concerts since 2010. He has worked with many respected bands in nearly every genre, from the most intimate venue to amphitheaters filled with thousands. The one constant is that each artist, each band, and each performance has encouraged an open mind and making a positive change. A community meditation and art group has also been in existence since 2010, expanding into various workshops at events and festivals nationwide. His focus moving forward in the future will be to inspire others to use their gifts to create a career or to innovate entertainment.