I don't try hiding every little imperfection when I paint. I celebrate the discrepencies, after all, life is comprised of mishaps and inbalance. It is reality. I don't mind showing that I am human. With flaws, quirks and unexplained mannerisms. These elements are ultimately what define us as individual beings. They either drive us towards each other or apart. They are what we fear most, a constant presence at varying levels of intensity. They can inspire, motivate or humble us, depending on our interpretation of the current situation.

Most of my painting supplies and canvas are rescued, recycled, found or gifted items. Of course financially it is more responsible to limit purchasing brand new, plastic wrapped, stark white canvases. However, I genuinely prefer to use the character filled, abandoned surfaces of used shelving, old wooden planks, and vintage windows. I am magnetized to the untouched potential lying within. The existing inspiration such pieces present is unsurpassed by any crisp, colorless, flat canvas money can buy. And it also lends it's personality to be melded with my own to create a finished product which could never be reproduced. Originality is one ingredient I will not substitute when I am creating. My perception, my vision of the existing potential is what transforms my ideas to Art. Yes, I am inspired by my environment, and am influenced by my surroundings just as every human is. When I am ready to paint or create though, there is no process, there is no thought. It pours from me as water pours from a pitcher. All I can do is catch it before it lands on the floor. When you choose your perspective, you allow a predicament to become a possibility.